New Relic

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We have partnered to offer you New Relic Standard free of charge!

Sign up for your FREE account.  Try it on your PHP, Ruby, Java, .NET, or Python apps today and you will receive a free 14-day upgrade to pro.

With New Relic Standard you get:

  • 24x7 App Monitoring
  • Real User Monitoring
  • Server Monitoring
  • App Architecture and Services Map
  • Database Performance
  • Proactive Alerting
  • Data Retention: 7 days

Complete visibility into your application

With New Relic you can:

  • Monitor production apps on Datapipe's Stratosphere Cloud Platform
  • Troubleshoot potential issues proactively
  • Improve service delivery and SLAs

One tool, multiple languages

Creative dev and IT teams are rapidly building and deploying apps that get the job done, whether they are built with Ruby, PHP, Python, Java or .NET. Your app management tool should work with you by supporting the languages, frameworks and apps you use.

For more information about New Relic, go HERE