Manage User Accounts

If you are an owner on the selected account, you will have the option to 'Manage User Accounts' under the account drop down menu. 


Here, you will be able to do the following:

  • Create users with the member role
  • Create users with the owner role
  • Remove users with the member role
  • Remove users with the owner role

You, however, will not be able to remove your own account from the system.

Creating users

To create a new user,  click on the "New User" button from your "Users" view.  This will bring up a dialog box into which you will enter several pieces of information about the user.


First, enter the user's email address.  This is important.  All event notifications for activity while accessing the account will be sent to that user's email.  You also need to decide what role the user will be fulfilling

  • Owner - Owners have full control over users on the account in addition to managing Stratosphere resources.
  • Admin - Admins can add or remove member accounts in addition to managing Stratosphere resources. Admins can add additional Admin accounts, but they can not remove them.
  • Member - Can manage Stratosphere resources but not other users.

To add a new user to your account, click on the "Add User" button on the dialog box. If the user has been previously created or has already been added to another account, you will not have to enter any additional information and the user will be added to your account.otherwise, it will bring up a second dialog box.


Here you enter the user's first and last names.  You can also change the user's email address and role.  Clicking on "Add User" will complete the creation process.

Removing users

To remove a user account, click the Terminatebutton on the corresponding row for that user. You will be prompted for confirmation before the account is removed.


Changing user role

To change the role of a user, click on the Changeuserrolebutton icon to the far right of the target user.  


Note:  You elevate a user's role above the role you have.  If your role is "Member", you cannot change anyone's role.