Automatic Snapshots

Automatic snapshot policies can be defined using the "Automatic Snapshot" feature at the account level. Using this feature will automatically apply the selected policies to every volume that is created subsequently. This will ensure that your volumes always have a standard policy or policies applied to them.


There can be one snapshot policy for each period: hourly, daily, weekly, monthly.  Eg., there could be daily policy specifying one retention period and another weekly policy specifying a different retention period.  

The snapshot retention options are as follows:

  • Hourly --> up to 24 snapshots per volume
  • Daily --> up to 14 snapshots per volume
  • Weekly --> up to 8 snapshots per volume
  • Monthly --> up to 12 snapshots per volume

Volumes, by default, DO NOT have a backup policy defined.  Enabling an account level policy will cause that policy to be applied globally.  Snapshot policies can also be added at the volume level.  Volume policies can be added under the 'Policies' tab under the volume details.  Volume level policies only apply to that specific volume.

Note:  If you have any account level policies in force, this view will display which apply as well as any local policies.


Policies created at the volume level can be disabled at any time. Policies that were created at the account level can be disabled for the specific volume managed from this policy view.  Disabling those here, however, will not disable them account wide.

Policies can only be applied to attached volumes.  Only volumes in a "Ready" state can have a snapshot created.