Creating Templates

Templates may be created from your running virtual machines by using the 'Private Templates' feature.

Note: Data disk volumes are not captured as part of templates. To copy data disk volumes, first create a snapshot of the target volumes and then create additional volumes from those snapshots. Those new volumes may then be attached to running virtual machines.

Create a snapshot

Click on the Camerabutton icon to the far right of the target volume displayed from either the portal volume view, 


or from the virtual machine details (volumes) view. Templates can Only be created from Snapshots of ROOT Volume Not DATADISKSnapshotvolumes

Note: The time it will take to complete a snapshot will vary considerably from volume to volume.  Obviously, snapshooting a 20 GB volume will take less time than a 1 TB volume.

Create a template

Once completed, the snapshot will be available from either the snapshots view or from virtual machine details (snapshots) view.  Select the snapshot from which you wish to create your template and then click on the "Create Template" button.  You will be prompted to enter a name for the template.  The name of the template must be unique.


The template creation process is fairly involve and can be time consuming.  Consequently, the template may not immediately be available under the templates listing.  You may have to refresh your view a few times before it appears.

Note:  Templates can only be created from snapshots made of the root volume.

Deploy from template

Once you have created your template, you can deploy it by navigating to the "Private Templates" tab.  The virtual machine creation process from that point forward is identical in manner to that used with standard templates.


Copy template to a different zone (optional)

The template, by default, is only available in the zone in which it was created. However, templates may be copied to other zones.  From the private templates view, click on the Templatefromsnapshotbutton button to the far right of your target template.  You will be prompted to choose which zone to which to copy your template.


Note: Copying templates may take a few minutes to complete. You can view completion under the status field for the template.