What is a snapshot and when should I use it?

Snapshots are point-in-time copies of the current state of your volumes. Snapshots allow you a quick and easy way to backup your systems and can be used to return your system to a previous state in cases of failure or corruption.

You can easily create your own snapshots. In your Stratosphere browser, find and select the virtual machine for which you wish to snapshot a volume. Click on the "Volumes" button to see what volumes are attached.


Click on the volume you want to snapshot.


and then from the snapshot view, click on the "Create Snaphot" button.



Click on the camera icon to the far right of the disk.


From your virtual machine browser view, click on the "Snapshot" button to view all of the snapshots that have been made from this volume.  


The best time to create a snapshot is BEFORE you make changes to your system. This will allow you to gracefully recover from miscalculations, mistakes or mishaps.

Note:  You can only snapshot one volume at a time. To make certain you have completely captured your entire VM, make sure you snapshot EVERY volume associated with it.