Attaching Volumes to a Windows VM

To attach a volume to one of your running virtual machines, locate the new volume and click the Attachbutton button on the right side of the page.


You should now see "Attach Volume" overlay. Click the dropdown and choose the Windows VM  to which you would like to attach the volume.


When you click on the "Attach Volume" button, you should now see the drive state as ready.  This indicates that the volume has been attached.

NOTE:  Sometimes, the volume will not attach to a running instance. This could happen if your instance does not have the correct PV drivers installed.  Should this happen, you can can attach the volume to the instance if it is first stopped.  

You now need to RDP into your server to complete the process.  You will login as "Administrator".  Use the password you retrieve from the "Show Password" button.  Once logged on, open the Server Manager applet and select the "Storage" tab, then the "Disk Management (local) option.


This will bring up you Windows disk management tool.  Initially, you will see a message indicating that Windows is scanning for resources.  When the scan is finished, the tool will display your current disk configuration.  You should no see a new disk.  It will be labeled as "Unallocated".


Now you need to initialize the disk(s), then partition and format them.  To do that, right-click on the new disk.  That will bring up an option to initialize.


After the initialization is complete, you next will be prompted as to what kind of disk you are creating.  For the sake of illustration, we are going with the most common type: Simple Volume.  


Once that is selected, a wizard will start.  It will prompt you through the next steps.  Answer the prompts according to your requirements.


Windows Volume Format Sequence

When done, you will be returned to your Windows disk management tool.  You should now see you new volume.


Note: The maximum number of volumes you can have attached to a VM is seven (system and six data). You can detach volumes and attach different ones as required. Detached volumes are retained and can be reattached as needed.