Creating Security Groups

Security groups can be created by selecting the 'New Security Group' button on the security group view. Security groups may also be created while setting up new virtual machines.


You will be presented with a popup.  Enter a unique name for the new security group and add a meaningful description.  Click on the "Create Security Group" button in this popup to complete the creation process.


Important considerations

  • Security groups can be assigned to multiple virtual machines. Rules intended for one VM will be applied to every VM sharing that security group. For example, if you add a rule opening port 22 globally to allow SSH access to a particular VM, every VM sharing that security group will also be allowed that access from everywhere.
  • There are no limits to the number of security groups you can assign to a specific VM. This feature is useful.  It allows you to create very specific sets of rules and only apply them as and where needed.  This is much safer than modifying security groups that have already been associated to existing VMs because that step could permit greater access to other systems than you desire.

Tip:  You might want to add at least one additional security group to every VM--whether you intend to use it or not. If at some point in the future you have a need for a very specific rule and you do not want it to applied to any other VM, this "extra" security group could become extremely handy. It does not cost anything but could save you considerable aggravation.