Key Pairs

For maximum security, all instances are assigned 1024-bit private key pairs.  To access secure information (such as passwords), the account user must have access to the private key which must agree with the public key embedded on the instance.  The private key is also used for secure remote access to Linux instances, using SSH (TCP 22).

What you do with your key pair

  • You use the key to remotely login via SSH to your virtual machine instead of the password.  Keys are virtually impossible to crack or steal as opposed to passwords.
  • You use your key to show your virtual machine password.  

If you do not store your private key on the portal, make certain that you download it and put it in a secure location. Without your private key, your VM's password cannot be retrieved. If you were to require assistance with your VM and the private key has not been stored in the portal, you will need to supply the password to the support person.