Acquiring Public IP Addresses

As part of the creation process for virtual networks, a public IP address is allocated.  This address becomes the gateway from your private network to the Internet.  All traffic destined for the Internet from your instances on the private network will be routed through this publicly exposed gateway. Conversely, all traffic destined for instances within your private network from outside will be routed through this gateway.  Both inbound and outbound traffic to your instances will be controlled by security rules and access control lists that you will configure later.

Datapipe's Stratosphere EPN allows for the allocation of an additional public IP address.  To acquire a second address, in your browser click on the appropriate network label.  A new popup will appear.  Click on the "Add Public IP Address" button.

The popup will disappear and be replaced by a new browser screen.  Once the process is completed, the address that is allocated will appear in the browser.

Acquire Address

Note: Addresses are automatically allocated from a pool. You cannot specify nor can you change addresses once allocated. You can allocate up to 2 public addresses per virtual network. The first will be the default network for all instances.