Acquiring Public IP Addresses

By default, each virtual network will be assigned one public IP address. You can, however, acquire additional addresses. To do this, from your "IP Addresses" view, click "Acquire IP Address".  You will be given the option to choose the zone and network for which you would like to acquire the address.

Note: By default, there is a limit of two public addresses per zone, per customer.  If you require additional addresses, you can request that your quota be increased.


Once you receive your new address, you will be able to add port forwarding, load balancing and static NAT.  

The first IP address acquired will be the default address, the primary source NAT.
the primary "Source NAT" IP address for a network will serve as the VPN address.

Additional public IP addresses do not allow for VPN functionality.

For more about port forwarding, go HERE.  For more about load balancing, go HEREFor more about static NAT, go HERE .

Releasing IP address

Addresses that have been implemented into a virtual network cannot be released until that network is no longer in use.  Once there are no VMs using a network, the address can be released by clicking on the Terminatebutton to the far right.  If the address is in an implemented state, the release option will not be presented.