Why can't I delete my virtual network?

Deleting a virtual network is simple but to prevent accidents or unintended consequences, once a virtual network has been created, everyone associated it must be stopped and deleted first.  This prevents accidents and other mishaps from occurring.  The first step is to navigate from your browser to the network you wish to remove.

Virtual Network Implemented

In the illustration above, you can see that the chosen network's state is "Implemented".  That means there are virtual machines assigned.  On the far right, the only editing option available is the pencil icon.  The only thing you can change is the name of the virtual network.

From here, click on the network by name or address to drill down.  You will see a new screen like below:

Getting Ready To Delete Virtual Network

Click on "Virtual Machines".  This will bring up a browser displaying any and all instances assigned to this network.

Vm In Implemented Network.

The state could be either "Running" or "Stopped".  In either case, the instances need to be deleted before the network can.  Do do this, click on the red X on the far right.  The deletion process might take a minute or so. 

When no virtual machines remain, your browser should look as follows:

No Vms

At this point, you will soon be able to remove the virtual network.  With the last virtual machine terminate, Stratosphere will proceed to clean up and remove the remaining pieces associated with the network.  Once all of those bits and pieces have been purged (port forwarding rules, load balancing rules, public IP address, VPN, etc.), you should eventually see something like the following when you return to your virtual network browser:

Virtual Network Ready To Delete

When the network is in an "Allocated" state, it can be deleted (or implemented again with different virtual machines).  At the far right, there now is a red X button.  Clicking that will remove the network.

NOTE:  As indicated above, the background processes to clean up the environment so that a virtual network can be deleted may take some time.