How do I allow access to Windows systems?

In order to enable Windows access, you will need to create an ingress rule in your virtual machine's security group. Ingress rules allow specific IP addresses or ranges of addresses to access virtual machine over specific ports. Windows requires the RDP protocol (port 3389) to be opened to these addresses.

To add an ingress rule to a virtual machine's security group, click on the virtual machine's "Security Groups" tab, select the security group that you would like to add the rule to and click "New Ingress Rule". Please note that this ingress rule will be applied to all virtual machines to which that security group has been assigned.

The dialog box will look like this:
New Ingress Rule

You can select the port by clicking on the up/down arrow in the protocol box to open a drop down list.
For convenience, many of the most common ports, such as RDP, has already been included in the list.

By clicking on the up/down arrow in the "Access From" box, a drop down list will appear offering you three options:

  • Your Current IP (x.x.x.x/32)
  • Global Access (
  • Custom Rule

WARNING: Restrict access to your systems via RDP to the absolute minimum number of systems. If you accept "Global Access", for example, you are allowing every computer on the planet to potentially access your system.

When you are satisfied with your settings, click "Create Ingress Rule". The change goes into effect immediately. If you change you mind at some point, you can go back into this security group and delete the rule.

NOTE: If your instance is in an EPN zone, you will need to set up port forwarding rules allow port 3389 to be forward to the private cloud instance.  SEE Setting up port forwarding rules