Stratosphere Default Settings

VM instances per account Smallrightarrow 25 (Can be increased)

          Maximum number of cores per VM Smallrightarrow 8

          Maximum RAM per VM Smallrightarrow 64 GB

Public IP addresses per account Smallrightarrow 20 (Can be increased)

          Public IP addresses, EPN Smallrightarrow 2 per zone (Can be increased)

Volumes per account Smallrightarrow 100 (Can be increased)

          Volumes per VM Smallrightarrow 11 (1 system plus 10 data)

          Maximum volume size Smallrightarrow 1 TB

Snapshots per account Smallrightarrow 250 (Can be increased)

          Concurrent snapshots per VM Smallrightarrow 1

          Maximum snapshot retention, hourly Smallrightarrow 24

          Maximum snapshot retention, daily Smallrightarrow 14

          Maximum snapshot retention, weekly Smallrightarrow 52

          Maximum snapshot retention, monthly Smallrightarrow 12

Private templates Smallrightarrow 20 (Can be increased)