Setting Up Ingress Firewall Rules

Ingress firewall rules are used to control inbound traffic to the public IP address with static NAT enabled.  The rule will open the chosen port(s) on the public IP address and allow traffic received on that port to be forwarded to the virtual machine associated with the static NAT.  To create a new ingress firewall rule, click on the "Add Ingress Firewall Rule" button.


In the "New Firewall Rule" wizard, choose the protocol and port (or port range) that you would like to open.  Also choose the range of IP addresses to which you want the rule to be applied.  The range (or CIDR) can be all addresses (i.e., global), just your own address, or a specified range of addresses (i.e., custom).

Click on the "Create Firewall Rule" button to finalize your choice.

Note:  You can create ingress firewall rules for three protocols:  TCP, UDP and ICMP.  Select the protocol for which you wish to create the rule by clicking on the up/down arrow.