Setting Up Static NAT

NAT (Network Address Translation) allows traffic destined for a public IP to be forwarded to the private IP of a virtual machine.   

To enable static NAT, navigate to the "IP Address" view then click on the "Enable Static NAT" button.  


This will bring up a dialog box from which you will be able to select a virtual machine to forward the IP address' traffic.  All of your EPN virtual machines will be displayed by clicking on the up/down arrow.  

Once you have selected the target machine, click on the "Enable Static NAT" button to finalize your choice.

Note:  Static NAT can only be enabled on non-source NAT IP addresses.  The first virtual machine you assign to a virtual network will be assigned the source NAT IP.


Once static NAT is enabled, you will need to create firewall rules for that address.  These firewall rules will open the port or port ranges you need to be forwarded to the virtual machine.  For more information about firewall rules, go HERE