Request Parameters

Parameter Name Description Required
id the id of the load balancer rule to update true
algorithm load balancer algorithm (source, roundrobin, leastconn) false
description the description of the load balancer rule false
name the name of the load balancer rule false

Response Tags

Response Name Description
id the load balancer rule ID
account the account of the load balancer rule
algorithm the load balancer algorithm (source, roundrobin, leastconn)
cidrlist the cidr list to forward traffic from
description the description of the load balancer
domain the domain of the load balancer rule
domainid the domain ID of the load balancer rule
name the name of the load balancer
privateport the private port
publicip the public ip address
publicipid the public ip address id
publicport the public port
state the state of the rule
zoneid the id of the zone the rule belongs to
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