Logs a user into the CloudStack. A successful login attempt will generate a JSESSIONID cookie value that can be passed in subsequent Query command calls until the "logout" command has been issued or the session has expired.

Request Parameters

Parameter Name Description Required
username Username true
password Hashed password (Default is MD5). If you wish to use any other hashing algorithm, you would need to write a custom authentication adapter See Docs section. true
domain path of the domain that the user belongs to. Example: domain=/com/cloud/internal. If no domain is passed in, the ROOT domain is assumed. false

Response Tags

Response Name Description
username Username
userid User id
password Password
domainid domain ID that the user belongs to
timeout the time period before the session has expired
account the account name the user belongs to
firstname first name of the user
lastname last name of the user
type the account type (admin, domain-admin, read-only-admin, user)
timezone user time zone
timezoneoffset user time zone offset from UTC 00:00
sessionkey Session key that can be passed in subsequent Query command calls
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