List resource tag(s)

Request Parameters

Parameter Name Description Required
account List resources by account. Must be used with the domainId parameter. false
customer list by customer name false
domainid list only resources belonging to the domain specified false
isrecursive defaults to false, but if true, lists all resources from the parent specified by the domainId till leaves. false
key list by key false
keyword List by keyword false
listall If set to false, list only resources belonging to the command's caller; if set to true - list resources that the caller is authorized to see. Default value is false false
page false
pagesize false
projectid list objects by project false
resourceid list by resource id false
resourcetype list by resource type false
value list by value false

Response Tags

Response Name Description
account the account associated with the tag
customer customer associated with the tag
domain the domain associated with the tag
domainid the ID of the domain associated with the tag
key tag key name
project the project name where tag belongs to
projectid the project id the tag belongs to
resourceid id of the resource
resourcetype resource type
value tag value
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