Lists all available snapshots for the account.

Request Parameters

Parameter Name Description Required
account lists snapshot belongig to the specified account. Must be used with the domainId parameter. false
domainid the domain ID. If used with the account parameter, lists snapshots for the specified account in this domain. false
id lists snapshot by snapshot ID false
intervaltype valid values are HOURLY, DAILY, WEEKLY, and MONTHLY. false
isrecursive defaults to false, but if true, lists all snapshots from the parent specified by the domain id till leaves. false
keyword List by keyword false
name lists snapshot by snapshot name false
page false
pagesize false
snapshottype valid values are MANUAL or RECURRING. false
volumeid the ID of the disk volume false

Response Tags

Response Name Description
id ID of the snapshot
account the account associated with the snapshot
created the date the snapshot was created
domain the domain name of the snapshot's account
domainid the domain ID of the snapshot's account
intervaltype valid types are hourly, daily, weekly, monthy, template, and none.
jobid the job ID associated with the snapshot. This is only displayed if the snapshot listed is part of a currently running asynchronous job.
jobstatus the job status associated with the snapshot. This is only displayed if the snapshot listed is part of a currently running asynchronous job.
name name of the snapshot
snapshottype the type of the snapshot
state the state of the snapshot. BackedUp means that snapshot is ready to be used; Creating - the snapshot is being allocated on the primary storage; BackingUp - the snapshot is being backed up on secondary storage
volumeid ID of the disk volume
volumename name of the disk volume
volumetype type of the disk volume
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