Lists all available network offerings.

Request Parameters

Parameter Name Description Required
availability the availability of network offering. Default value is Required false
displaytext list network offerings by display text false
guestiptype the guest ip type for the network offering, supported types are Direct and Virtual. false
id list network offerings by id false
isdefault true if need to list only default network offerings. Default value is false false
isshared true is network offering supports vlans false
keyword List by keyword false
name list network offerings by name false
page false
pagesize false
specifyvlan the tags for the network offering. false
traffictype list by traffic type false
zoneid list netowrk offerings available for network creation in specific zone false

Response Tags

Response Name Description
id the id of the network offering
availability availability of the network offering
created the date this network offering was created
displaytext an alternate display text of the network offering.
guestiptype guest ip type of the network offering
isdefault true if network offering is default, false otherwise
maxconnections the max number of concurrent connection the network offering supports
name the name of the network offering
networkrate data transfer rate in megabits per second allowed.
specifyvlan true if network offering supports vlans, false otherwise
tags the tags for the network offering
traffictype the traffic type for the network offering, supported types are Public, Management, Control, Guest, Vlan or Storage.
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