Lists all pending asynchronous jobs for the account.

Request Parameters

Parameter Name Description Required
account the account associated with the async job. Must be used with the domainId parameter. false
domainid the domain ID associated with the async job. If used with the account parameter, returns async jobs for the account in the specified domain. false
keyword List by keyword false
page false
pagesize false
startdate the start date of the async job false

Response Tags

Response Name Description
accountid the account that executed the async command
cmd the async command executed
created the created date of the job
jobid async job ID
jobinstanceid the unique ID of the instance/entity object related to the job
jobinstancetype the instance/entity object related to the job
jobprocstatus the progress information of the PENDING job
jobresult the result reason
jobresultcode the result code for the job
jobresulttype the result type
jobstatus the current job status-should be 0 for PENDING
userid the user that executed the async command
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