Extracts volume

Request Parameters

Parameter Name Description Required
id the ID of the volume true
mode the mode of extraction - HTTP_DOWNLOAD or FTP_UPLOAD true
zoneid the ID of the zone where the volume is located true
url the url to which the volume would be extracted false

Response Tags

Response Name Description
id the id of extracted object
accountid the account id to which the extracted object belongs
created the time and date the object was created
extractId the upload id of extracted object
extractMode the mode of extraction - upload or download
name the name of the extracted object
state the state of the extracted object
status the status of the extraction
storagetype type of the storage
uploadpercentage the percentage of the entity uploaded to the specified location
url if mode = upload then url of the uploaded entity. if mode = download the url from which the entity can be downloaded
zoneid zone ID the object was extracted from
zonename zone name the object was extracted from
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