Creates a template of a virtual machine. The virtual machine must be in a STOPPED state. A template created from this command is automatically designated as a private template visible to the account that created it.

Request Parameters

Parameter Name Description Required
displaytext the display text of the template. This is usually used for display purposes. true
name the name of the template true
ostypeid the ID of the OS Type that best represents the OS of this template. true
bits 32 or 64 bit false
isfeatured true if this template is a featured template, false otherwise false
ispublic true if this template is a public template, false otherwise false
passwordenabled true if the template supports the password reset feature; default is false false
requireshvm true if the template requres HVM, false otherwise false
snapshotid the ID of the snapshot the template is being created from. Either this parameter, or volumeId has to be passed in false
templatetag the tag for this template. false
url Optional, only for baremetal hypervisor. The directory name where template stored on CIFS server false
virtualmachineid Optional, VM ID. If this presents, it is going to create a baremetal template for VM this ID refers to. This is only for VM whose hypervisor type is BareMetal false
volumeid the ID of the disk volume the template is being created from. Either this parameter, or snapshotId has to be passed in false

Response Tags

Response Name Description
id the ID of the storage pool
clusterid the ID of the cluster for the storage pool
clustername the name of the cluster for the storage pool
created the date and time the storage pool was created
disksizeallocated the host's currently allocated disk size
disksizetotal the total disk size of the storage pool
ipaddress the IP address of the storage pool
jobid shows the current pending asynchronous job ID. This tag is not returned if no current pending jobs are acting on the storage pool
jobstatus shows the current pending asynchronous job status
name the name of the storage pool
path the storage pool path
podid the Pod ID of the storage pool
podname the Pod name of the storage pool
state the state of the storage pool
tags the tags for the storage pool
type the storage pool type
zoneid the Zone ID of the storage pool
zonename the Zone name of the storage pool
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