Creates a security group

Request Parameters


Parameter Name Description Required
name name of the security group true
account an optional account for the security group. Must be used with domainId. false
description the description of the security group false
domainid an optional domainId for the security group. If the account parameter is used, domainId must also be used. false

Response Tags

Response Name Description
id the ID of the security group
account the account owning the security group
description the description of the security group
domain the domain name of the security group
domainid the domain ID of the security group
jobid shows the current pending asynchronous job ID. This tag is not returned if no current pending jobs are acting on the volume
jobstatus shows the current pending asynchronous job status
name the name of the security group
ingressrule(*) the list of ingress rules associated with the security group
account account owning the ingress rule
cidr the CIDR notation for the base IP address of the ingress rule
endport the ending IP of the ingress rule
icmpcode the code for the ICMP message response
icmptype the type of the ICMP message response
protocol the protocol of the ingress rule
ruleid the id of the ingress rule
securitygroupname security group name
startport the starting IP of the ingress rule
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