Creates a network

Request Parameters

Parameter Name Description Required
displaytext the display text of the network true
name the name of the network true
networkofferingid the network offering id true
zoneid the Zone ID for the network true
account account who will own the network false
domainid domain ID of the account owning a network false
endip the ending IP address in the network IP range. If not specified, will be defaulted to startIP false
gateway the gateway of the network false
isdefault true if network is default, false otherwise false
isshared true is network is shared across accounts in the Zone false
netmask the netmask of the network false
networkdomain network domain false
startip the beginning IP address in the network IP range false
tags Tag the network false
vlan the ID or VID of the network false

Response Tags

Response Name Description
id the id of the network
account the owner of the network
broadcastdomaintype Broadcast domain type of the network
broadcasturi broadcast uri of the network
displaytext the displaytext of the network
dns1 the first DNS for the network
dns2 the second DNS for the network
domain the domain name of the network owner
domainid the domain id of the network owner
endip the end ip of the network
gateway the network's gateway
isdefault true if network is default, false otherwise
isshared true if network is shared, false otherwise
issystem true if network is system, false otherwise
name the name of the network
netmask the network's netmask
networkdomain the network domain
networkofferingavailability availability of the network offering the network is created from
networkofferingdisplaytext display text of the network offering the network is created from
networkofferingid network offering id the network is created from
networkofferingname name of the network offering the network is created from
related related to what other network configuration
securitygroupenabled true if security group is enabled, false otherwise
startip the start ip of the network
state state of the network
tags comma separated tag
traffictype the traffic type of the network
type the type of the network
vlan the vlan of the network
zoneid zone id of the network
service(*) the list of services
name the service name
capability(*) the list of capabilities
name the capability name
value the capability value
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