Creates a l2tp/ipsec remote access vpn

Request Parameters

Parameter Name Description Required
publicipid public ip address id of the vpn server true
account an optional account for the VPN. Must be used with domainId. false
domainid an optional domainId for the VPN. If the account parameter is used, domainId must also be used. false
iprange the range of ip addresses to allocate to vpn clients. The first ip in the range will be taken by the vpn server false
openfirewall if true, firewall rule for source/end pubic port is automatically created; if false - firewall rule has to be created explicitely. Has value true by default false

Response Tags

Response Name Description
account the account of the remote access vpn
domainid the domain id of the account of the remote access vpn
domainname the domain name of the account of the remote access vpn
iprange the range of ips to allocate to the clients
presharedkey the ipsec preshared key
publicip the public ip address of the vpn server
publicipid the public ip address of the vpn server
state the state of the rule
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