CloudBridge for EC2 Compatibility

The current generation of the Datapipe Stratosphere Public Cloud natively supports Amazon Web Services EC2 REST API commands.

In general, EC2 API users need not be aware that they are not using the native CloudStack API. They need only execute EC2 API calls to Stratosphere and it will translate the calls to CloudStack's native API.

The API endpoint for EC2 API calls is:


As the Stratosphere EC2 API compatibility is limited to REST commands, you will need to use a programmatic interface such as FOG ( or Boto (

One limitation of these programmatic tools is that you must set your EC2 API version string to be "2012-08-15" in order for commands to execute.

API Keys

The API keys used for the EC2 REST API are the same keys used for the CloudStack API and are available from

Best practices

Each Stratosphere region is available as an EC2 Availability Zone

We do support the EC2 API for all Stratosphere Elastic Cloud Zones. However, none of the AWS VPC commands are in the list of supported EC2 API commands and therefore interaction with instances in Stratosphere EPN Zones using the EC2 API will likely fail to work correctly.

Unsupported commands

None of the Amazon EC2 AMI Tools are supported. See

Not all of the Amazon EC2 API calls are supported, please refer to the list below for the supported list of commands.

EC2 API commands

The following Amazon EC2 API commands are supported.

Availability Zone

  • ec2-describe-availability-zones 


  • ec2-create-image (The noReboot parameter is not supported.)
  • ec2-deregister
  • ec2-describe-images
  • ec2-register
  • ec2-describe-image-attribute
  • ec2-modify-image-attribute
  • ec2-reset-image-attribute


  • ec2-describe-instances
  • ec2-reboot-instances
  • ec2-run-instances
  • ec2-start-instances
  • ec2-stop-instances
  • ec2-terminate-instances
  • ec2-describe-instance-attribute 

Key Pairs

  • ec2-add-keypair
  • ec2-delete-keypair
  • ec2-describe-keypairs
  • ec2-import-keypair


  • ec2-get-password 

Security Groups

  • ec2-authorize
  • ec2-add-group
  • ec2-delete-group
  • ec2-describe-group
  • ec2-revoke


  • ec2-create-snapshot
  • ec2-delete-snapshot
  • ec2-describe-snapshots


  • ec2-attach-volume
  • ec2-create-volume
  • ec2-delete-volume
  • ec2-describe-volume
  • ec2-detach-volume
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