Datapipe's Stratosphere has multiple zones spread across the world.  This ensures quick and reliable access to cloud computing resources wherever your business might be located. These zones are currently available:

Public Zones

EPN Zones

  • Kansas City
  • New York Metro
  • London
  • Hong Kong
  • Silicon Valley
  • Silicon Valley 2
  • Shanghai
  • Singapore
  • Kansas City EPN
  • New York Metro EPN
  • London EPN
  • Hong Kong EPN
  • Silicon Valley EPN
  • Silicon Valley 2 EPN
  • Shanghai EPN
  • Singapore EPN

Selecting a zone

For your deployment, your first decision will be to chose which of these "zones" in which to put your virtual machines.  Typically, you will want to locate your virtual machines in the zone nearest to where you do the bulk of your transaction.  Selecting a zone is simple.  When you start the process to "Create Virtual Machine", the very first thing you will need to do is select the zone.  To see your choices, click on the up/down arrows to display a drop down with current options.


Note: Deploying in the Shanghai zone requires an ICP license. 

For more information regarding ICP licenses, go HERE