Uploading Private Template

To upload a template, visit https://cloud.datapipe.com/public/templates/owned (for public) or https://cloud.datapipe.com/epn/templates/owned (for EPN) and click on the "Upload Template" button. This will bring up another dialog box.


In this dialog box, you need to assign a name, URL, zone, and operating system type for the template. 

  • If you choose "Password Enabled = Yes", you will be able to reset the template to automatically generate new passwords.  If you leave this at "No", every instance deployed from that template will inherit the original password.
  • If you choose to make the template "extractable", you will have the option to download the template from Stratosphere. If the template is not made "extractable", you will not have this option. 

Click "Upload Template" to begin the upload process. You will see the status of the upload under the template details.


You should consult Stratosphere's guidelines HERE  before you begin uploading your own custom templates.