Boot to ISO

If you have attached an ISO that you wish to boot to, you need to change the instance's boot order.  To do this, open a console on the instance then reboot it.  You can reboot it by clicking on the Ctrl-Alt-Del tab at the top of the console screen.

This will only work if your ISO is bootable.


You will notice at the bottom of the screen Press F2 to enter SETUP, F12 for Network Boot, ESC for Boot Menu.  You need to press F2 to go into the instance's BIOS setup. You need to be quick when pressing F2: VMs start very quickly so you do not have a lot of time before the boot loader begins.  You may have to reboot and press F2 several times before you enter the BIOS setup.

The initial splash screen may vary depending upon which hypervisor your instance is running on. The process to change boot order, however, remains the same.

Once the F2 is accepted, the BIOS screen will appear.


With the right arrow key, move your cursor over to the Boot tab on the top of the screen.  Then, with the down arrow, move your cursor to CD-ROM Drive.



BE VERY CAREFUL with changes to your BIOS setup.  You could very easily render your virtual machine unusable should you make the wrong choice.

Now, using the + key, move CD-ROM Drive to the top of the list.  Your screen should look like the following:


When you are satisfied with your new setting, press F10.  This will save your setting and automatically reboot your instance.  The next screen should be your bootable ISO.  

This is merely an example. Your ISO will present a unique and entirely different splash screen or startup menu depending upon what it is.



Your instance's boot order will not revert on its own.  You need to go back into the BIOS and change it back OR detach your ISO from your instance.  If you do not, the instance will continue to boot up into your ISO.