Change Service Offering

One of the best features of virtualization is the ability to quickly change a virtual machine's characteristics to meet different requirements.  If, for example, you find you need more memory or CPU for your application to run, you can add this very easily.

To resize your virtual machine, click on the "Change Offering " button.  A dialog bog will appear and you will be given the opportunity to select a new offering. The up/down arrows will open a drop down list with all of the available offerings.  When you select an offering, the description to the right will indicate how much memory and how many CPUs will be assigned.  

Note: The virtual machine must be in a stopped state before a new service offering can be selected and applied.


The change will not go into effect until you start your virtual machine.  Once running, the new instance will retain the address and software characteristics from the previous iteration but will now have the new system characteristics in effect.

Note:  There is no limit to how many times you can resize your system. You can resize a virtual machine as often as is required.