Stratosphere Cloud Object Storage

Stratosphere Cloud Object Storage

Datapipe's Stratosphere Cloud Object Storage is a simple, highly available storage solution designed to provide straightforward object storage from all of Datapipe's Cloud locations.

Compatible with the Amazon Web Services S3 API, Stratosphere Cloud Object Storage provides a widely understood web-service interface for placing objects into our system and having them available to your web-scale applications.

Stratosphere Cloud Object Storage Design Principles

Stratosphere Cloud Object Storage was built with Security, Reliability, and Availability in mind.


All communication with Stratosphere Cloud Object Storage is secured using industry-standard SSL communication to ensure the safety of your API calls and file transfers. All API calls are performed using public/secret signed HTTPS requests to protect your communications.


All objects stored in Stratosphere Cloud Object Storage are saved to multiple, physical servers simultaneously to provide your data the highest reasonable amount of redundancy possible. In the near future, we will also offer the ability to replicate your Object Storage buckets to other data centers to further increase the reliability of your data.


Stratosphere Cloud Object Storage was built to scale with you, the customer. You can feel confident that no matter how much object storage capacity you need, we can provide it for you within our existing infrastructure. Additionally, with Stratosphere Cloud Object Storage presence coming to every Stratosphere Cloud Computing zone, your data can rapidly achieve global availability.

How do you access Datapipe's COS?

To access, you will need the following:

  • An account in COS
  • A 20-character access key
  • A 40-character secret access key
  • A compatible client tool or API with which to access the storage
  • The COS endpoint to which you can point your client or API