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Release Notes - Version 1.0.0 (6/1/2012)

  • Changed 'New Ingress Rule' for to include common access selections. Users can now choose from 'Your Current IP','Global Access' and 'Custom Rule'. 'Your Current IP' will add an ingress rule that only allows your current IP address, 'Global...

Release Notes (5/25/2012)

  • User accounts can now be created without entering a support request. If you are the owner of an account you will have an option 'Manage User Accounts' under the account drop down menu. Users may be as a 'Member' or 'Owner'. User with the 'Owner'...

Release Notes (5/18/2012)

  • Datapipe Appliances are now available. Datapipe Appliances are base templates pre-configured with additional software.
  • Template usage is now added to usage reports.
  • Added a delay on searches between key strokes.
  • Added additional error handling for...

Release Notes (4/20/2012)

  • Added support for create private templates.
  • Added support for converting snapshots to templates,
  • Added ability to launch private templates.
  • Added new E Stratosphere dashboard.
  • Added zone filter to daily spend reports.
  • Changed 'Network' step to...



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