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Release Notes - Version 1.2.3 (1/11/2013)

  • Version updated to 1.2.3.
  • Added public/unauthenticated rate card for Stratosphere.
  • Added 'Advanced Monitoring' enrollment options for EPN virtual machines.
  • Added ability to manage firewall rules in EPN.
  • Fixed mis-aligned column names in volume snapshots view.
  • Removed force shutdown link from virtual machines. 
  • Improved error handling in asynchronous JavaScript requests when the expected resource could not be found/operated upon.
  • Added 'All Zones' option to volumes index.
  • Updated documentation ('Learn More') links on virtual machines, templates, volumes and snapshots lists.
  • Fixed incorrect zone being properly in virtual machine wizard completion step. This was causing the link to your virtual machines to link to the default zone.
  • Changed 'All ICMP rule' creation to set ICMP code as 0 instead of -1.
  • Create snapshot button is now hidden for unattached/allocated volumes.
  • Added attach volume instructions when looking at snapshots for an allocated volume.
  • Updated feedback message using 'Clear Snapshots' feature.

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