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New Feature: Amazon Web Services (AWS) EC2 Monitoring

by jmoody.

As of today, Datapipe now offers one-click setup of Advanced Monitoring and viewing your Advanced Monitoring Details from the Cloud Dashboard.

To access your AWS Instances, you will need to go to the AWS tab in the Dashboard.

Aws Monitoring01

From the AWS portion of the Cloud Dashboard, you can select any instance running in the EC2 Public Cloud and click the "Enable Advanced Monitoring" button.

Aws Monitoring02

This will start the Wizard that will allow you to select what user you would like to connect via and which Security Group you would like updated to include the rules needed for the Advanced Monitoring to connect and monitor your instance.

Aws Monitoring03

Aws Monitoring04

After selecting and entering the connectivity details, you will be presented with the Terms of Service. To boil these down, Advanced Monitoring is an agentless monitoring solution that uses SSH (for Linux/UNIX) and WMI (for Windows) to connect to the instance and monitor the devices, processes, services, and health of the instance. If you change the credentials of the user you specified (SSH key for Linux/UNIX and password for Windows) or remove the rules in the security group allowing the monitoring collector located in your Region to connect, then monitoring will break and no one will be notified if a problem arises.

After accepting the ToS, the device will be submitted to the queue of devices to be added and monitoring should begin in less than 5 minutes.

The Advanced Monitoring system will automatically discover services, processes, file systems, and all other components of your system. Therefore, it's recommended that you enable Advanced Monitoring after setting up your software inside the instance. However, if you missed something, the device will have a fresh autodiscovery process run every 24 hours, so your changes will be picked up.

Aws Monitoring05

If there are processes which aren't automatically discovered or you have any other issues with Advanced Monitoring, please feel free to open a Support Request and someone with Datapipe will assist you in resolving this issues as soon as possible.

Aws Monitoring06

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