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Datapipe Stratosphere Elastic Cloud Platform Upgrade Notice (02/11/2013)

by atistler.

On February 11, 2013, Datapipe will be performing a major upgrade to the Stratosphere Elastic Cloud Platform beginning at 11:00am EST and ending at approximately 11:00pm EST. The upgrade should not adversely affect any of your currently running systems. However, our provisioning services will be offline and unavailable while this upgrade is performed. Stratosphere Cloud Portal functionality will also be unavailable during the upgrade. If you feel you may need to add resources during this time, you should provision additional servers, instances, storage, or memory in advance of the upgrade.

Whether you are working directly with the API or exclusively with the Stratosphere Cloud Portal, you will notice a number of subtle but significant differences once the platform upgrade has been completed. Specifically:

  • Identifiers for common objects (including virtual machines, security groups and templates) will be changed from an integer-based naming convention to a UUID-based schema. If you are using code that stores identifiers as integer values, you will need to update your code to handle identifiers presented as strings.
  • Virtual machine instance names will be changed from the current schema to one using the UUID. E.g., an instance ID such as i-247-92994-VM will become something like e50e5358-54f6-47ca-9516-6c409ee0cee.
  • If you are working directly with our API to manage networks for your Stratosphere EPN environment, please consult with us. There are a number of API-level workflow differences.

This upgrade enables a number of new features coming to the Stratosphere Platform in the coming months. These will provide greater power, flexibility, and elasticity.

We appreciate your patience and understanding while we undergo this process. We look forward to being able to service you better as a result.

For more information on this maintenance event or to open support requests for other, unrelated issues, please contact us at the numbers available at or open a support request ticket through your portal at

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