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Release Notes - Version 1.4.3 (5/30/2013)

  • Added 'Launch More' feature to virtual machines. This feature will allow you additional virtual machines to be created using settings from a similar machine.
  • Added support for custom VLAN tagged networks. 
  • Added indicators for customer VLAN...

Release Notes - Version 1.4.2 (5/9/2013)

  • Added indicators for volume types.
  • Added custom disk sizes for Stratosphere volumes.
  • Renamed NICs tab to Networks on virtual machine details.
  • Removed Networks tab from non-EPN virtual machine details.
  • For users with multiple accounts the last...

Release Notes - Version 1.4.1 (4/27/2013)

  • Added zone column to volume index page.
  • Added Oracle template indicators.
  • Updated dashboard layout. The dashboard now consolidates data centers within a single region and shows more detail when hovered over.
  • Fixed additional data disks not showing...

Release Notes - Version 1.4.0 (4/14/2013)

  • Added API key management screens for user accounts.
  • Updated virtual machine select to show the display name of the virtual machine when attaching a volume.
  • Added validation to remove empty spaces from volume names.
  • Added port forwarding rules to...

Release Notes - Version 1.2.3 (1/11/2013)

  • Version updated to 1.2.3.
  • Added public/unauthenticated rate card for Stratosphere.
  • Added 'Advanced Monitoring' enrollment options for EPN virtual machines.
  • Added ability to manage firewall rules in EPN.
  • Fixed mis-aligned column names in volume...

Release Notes - Version 1.2.2 (12/21/2012)

  • Version 1.2.2 released.
  • Added default username when viewing virtual machine passwords.
  • Added summary of default volume snapshot policies when managing individual volume snapshot policies.
  • Added validation for invalid IP address ranges when...

Release Notes - Version 1.2.1 (12/06/2012)


  • Version 1.2.1 released.
  • Improved snapshot scheduling forms. You can no longer change settings on the form until you have click the 'enable' check box.
  • Added automatic re-authorization for a user if their API token has been reset.
  • Added network not...

Release Notes - Version 1.2.0 (10/17/2012)


  • Version 1.2.0 released.
  • As part of our partnership with New Relic Datapipe offers free standard accounts to our customers. Starting today customers can sign up to New Relic from New Relic is the first application under...


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