Managing Amazon Security Groups

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Clicking on the "Security Groups" tab on the second row of your instance's details page, will display a browser view showing all of the security groups associated with the instance.  To manage a security group, click on it.  This will present a details page that will look something like this:


Across the top, there are two options: 

  • Ingress Tab allows you to create new rules for accessing your instances  
  • Group Tab allows you to associate instances from one group with instance from another.  This is a method to enable communication internally without having to expose those protocols and ports externally.

On the second row, you have several additional options:

  • Details Tab allows you to display general information about the security group.
  • Instances Tab allows you to present a browser list of all instances associated with the security group.
  • Tags Tab allows you to append meaningful names or descriptions to the security group.
  • Event Tab allows you to review the security group's activity and history.

Be sure you understand how security groups work before you make any changes.  Changes take effect immediately and are applied to allow instances associated with the group.

If you want to know more about Amazon security groups, go HERE