Managing Amazon Instances

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To manage your AWS instances, click on the "Instances" tab on the left hand side of your dashboard.  This will display a browser list of your instances, by zone.


From your browser view, you can see what instances are in which zone, the address, image ID, service offering and state.  On the right hand side, you will be able to:

  • Pencilbutton edit the instance's label.
  • Startbutton start a stopped instance.
  • Stopbutton stop a running instance.
  • Restartbutton reboot a running instance.
  • Terminatebutton  terminate an instance (if termination protection not enabled).

You can also click on the particular instance you wish to manage and get the instance details page.  This will present you with a variety of additional tools for managing an instance.


Across the top of this page, you have a have the following capabilities:

  • Details Tab allows you to display information about the instance.
  • Edit Tab allows you to change the instance's friendly name.  It also allows you to enable or disable termination protection for the instance.
  • Change Tab allows you to change the AWS's instance service offering.
  • Attach Tab allows you to attach volumes to a running instance.
  • Console Tab allows you to view the output to the instance's console which is extremely helpful with troubleshooting.  
  • User Tab allows you to enter custom instructions or scripts to be executed when the instance is launched.
  • Create Tab allows you to create a new template from an existing instance so that the instance can be cloned.

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