Auto Scaling Policies

You need to create at least two policies:  one that specifies how to scale up and another to specify how to scale back.  When you define or edit the policy, you will be presented with the following form:

Aws As Manage Policy

You will need to give each policy a unique name.  You then need to specify the several variables for each policy.

Adjustment Type determines the method of calculation, whether it is by an exact amount or a percentage.  Valid options are "Change in Capacity", "Exact Capacity" or "Percent Change in Capacity".

Cooldown is the length of time, in seconds, between enforcement of the policy again.  

Minimum Adjustment Step
applies only to the "Percent Change in Capacity" adjustment type and is expressed in a percentage.

Scaling Adjustment
is an absolute number or a percentage of the current capacity.

For more details about these values, when and how to use them, go HERE .

Once created, you can edit the policy by clicking on the  Pencilbutton button, execute the policy ad hoc by clicking on the  Startbutton button, or delete the policy by clicking on the  Terminatebutton button.