Auto Scaling Launch Configurations

If you have all the information you need, you can begin to create a launch configuration.

Aws As

When you click on the "Create Launch Configuration" tab, you will be presented with the following form.

Aws As Launch Config

Fields with an asterisk are must fill.

You are also given an opportunity to add customization to your launch configuration by clicking on the "User Data" button.  

Aws As User Data

User data can be a script or answer file that will allow you to perform additional configuration steps upon your instance after it is instantiated.  This is optional.  The basic rules for how user data works are as follows:

  • If the instance user data script starts with the characters #!, then the instance runs the script as the root user, on the first boot.
  • If the instance user data does not start with those characters, the image ignores it.  That will allow your software to access the information contained in it.

The user data script is run late in the start up process.  You can assume that networking and other system services are functional.

When you have filled in all of the information for your environment, click on the "Create Launch Configuration" button to complete.